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What types of taxi are available?

In the UK you have the choice of two kinds of taxis. The first being what is called the Hackney Carriage and then there is the minicab. Today Hackney Carriages are more commonly known as Black Cabs or London Taxis but in the old days these were horse drawn carriages...

Why you might need a taxi in Shoreham

Evening out with friends coming up? Party? Going out for a meal at a restaurant? Along with arranging when and where you are going to meet , you should be reaching for the phone and calling one of Shoreham´s taxi firms to book your taxi there and back. Noone is...

Local taxi companies

There are plenty of occasions when driving is simply not much fun. There are other times when it is not safe, or advisable, or there is a better option. Public transport can be great, if it goes where you want to go that is! So a good option for non-drivers and, 'not...

Why take a taxi in the new year?

Taking a taxi home after the New Year celebrations is sensible for a number of reasons. First, it means that you can enjoy the evening without having to worry about drinking too much, and without having to designate a driver for the evening. Secondly, it means that...

Take a taxi this Christmas

Are you anticipating that familiar argument this Christmas...whose turn is it to drive? It can really put the dampers on a party or night out knowing that you can´t enjoy even a couple of drinks safely and have got to stay alert for the drive home. Comfort is a prime...

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